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Labradorite Gemstone belongs to Feldspar mineral family which shows some lustrous internal reflections also known as Labradorescence. When light reflects over its surface it shows lustrous internal reflections of coppery red, peacock blue, gold and pale green. It is considered as an amazing healing gemstone as it helps the wearer to stay hale and hearty, creative and optimistic. You can visit DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd, based in Jaipur to buy authentic Labradorite Gemstones.

Who Should Wear Labradorite Stone?

It is recognised as a healing gemstone, also used for jewellery purposes. As it helps the wearer to attain good health, mental strength and self-consciousness it is known as the ‘Stone of Transformation’among Crystal healers. It possesses some deep healing properties. These properties considered to be beneficial for those who want to bring positivity in their life. 

  • Astrologers often link this gemstone with the brightest planet Venus because of its lustrous reflections. According to astrologers, this gemstone is highly advantageous for those who born under Libra sun sign. But because of its mild nature this can be put on by anyone and does not show any negative effect.
  • Persons born under sun sign Scorpio, Leo and Sagittarius can also put on this gemstone to bring positive changes in life.

Labradorite Benefits

Other than having aesthetic properties it possesses healing and strong metaphysical properties. It is believed that this gemstone is a frozen form of advantageous and auspicious Northern Lights due to its colour reflections, which helps the wearer to attain fortune and positivity in life.

  • Enriches Mental & instinctive Abilities
    It is thought that metaphysical properties of this gemstone bring out the best in wearer by improving their work life. Putting on a premium quality It provides benefits to the wearer by enriching their instinctive abilities and logical skills.
  • Reduces Impulsive Behaviour & Additive Tendencies
    Labradorite considered to be a calming agent. It helps to reduce impulsive behaviour and addictions. It is said that Labradorite’s healing energies curb the emotions and help the wearer to overcome anxiety and stress.
  • Cures Digestive & Respiratory Problems
    According to Chakra healing therapists, This healing crystal is highly advantageous for the wearer suffering from lungs related diseases and can cure indigestion, also helps in metabolism and regulation. It is also advantageous for those who are suffering from body-ache, brain disorders and eye ailment etc.
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Labradorite gemstones are available in low quality as well as in high quality. Quality of a this gemstone is assessed its origin, clarity, colour and shape.
  • Origin
    Gem quality these are found in the mining location of Madagascar, Finland, Canada, Australia, Newfoundland, Africa, Norway, Russia and the United States. Finnish gemstones considered to be most incredible according to gem experts.Because Finnish labradorite usually display a full spectrum of colour in the reflections. Such fine quality Labradorite crystals are often known as ‘Spectrolite’.
  • Colour
    Natural Labradorite stones ranges from grey to grey-black with colourful reflections. These with blue and green reflection are easily available in market but the ones with copper, fiery orange and red reflections are rare to find.  Labradorites with more colourful and vivid reflections are superior according to the trade rule. 
  • Clarity
    Labradorite with smooth surface, good lucidity and minimum additions is considered as a premium quality gem.
  • Shape
    Free form Labradorite gemstones are easily available and relatively inexpensive.A perfectly polished Labradorite in a specific shape is highly in demand.

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